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Do Good, Be Good

Welcome to my place on the Internet. I love entrepreneurship, startups, software, process, crypto, being a father, being a husband, being a friend and motorcycles ..[not necessarily in that order]. I like to write here about any of these topics and in general love surrounding myself with people that are open-minded, curious, optimistic and know that we get one chance at life, so let’s swing for the fences and enjoy the ride. If I can be of service to you in any capacity please reach out. I abide by the Golden Rule and my own personal mantra…”Do Good, Be Good”.

My Experience

Entrepreneurship + Process + Optimism. Focused on Doing Good & Being Good.

I’ve enjoyed working in a variety of settings with businesses both big and small and investors from angels to large private equity entities. My approach to business and value creation is premised on what has worked, what has failed spectacularly and the types of techniques and tactics that allow teams to win together with high morale while also enjoying a quality of life for their families and themselves.


Founder & President

SaaS platform for healthcare operators seeking accurate reimbursement & enhanced compliance.

13 Oaks


Diversified investment entity focused on building brands with purpose.



DHL, UPS, Navis, Various Startups



University of Georgia, United States Merchant Marine Academy

Pay it Forward.

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About Me

At heart I’m an entrepreneur! I truly enjoy the pace, innovation and creativity of a group of people so committed to an idea, product or vision that they’re willing to work tirelessly with no guaranteed promise of reward. I believe that it is imperative that you get out of your comfort zone in life. I also believe that hard work is imperative and when you’re about ready to give up is sometimes when success is closest.

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